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incubator of change

Incubator of Change focuses on public policy development and urban development. Through utilising a unique policy development process and insights from a cross-disciplinary approach to tackling socio-economic policy failures, Incubator of Change is able to identify potential problems at an early stage and offer expert proposals for change.
“On new projects it is always good to get our staff thinking in different ways and so we make use of hack days. At one of these Incubator of Change gave a fascinating insight into issues that we needed to consider and new ways of thinking about cities and policy. I’m happy to recommend them.” Lee Omar, CEO, Red Ninja
“Incubator of Change took part in our series of talks about cities and how to make change happen. The contribution was both innovative and informative and, alongside others, helped set the foundation for some great events” Andrew Beattie, Organiser, Folken

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Incubator of Change:
  • Considers future trends 
  • Understands monitoring and managing flexibility for change 
  • Incubates, scales and replicates success
Incubator of Change is taking a fresh approach and helping make change happen. 

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